Chicken Stock Made Simple

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Easy Chicken Stock: Slow Cooker humble beginnings

Here are the humble beginnings of an easy chicken stock! So easy you’ll never want to waste money on store bought again!


This is my MOST requested recipe EVER! I get PM’s a few times a week asking me for this particular recipe. It’s so easy to make and hardly any kitchen hassle, which makes it one of my favorites. And we use it for just about everything around here. 

Doesn’t look like much does it? But let me tell you, I’ve been giving this super simple recipe to friends and family and no one can seem to thank me enough!  It’s so versatile and once you start making it, you really just can’t stop! We have some as a side with a meal, we use it in cooking rice, some pasta dishes, for cooking up just about anything in a pan or crock pot, and even used it as part of the basting for Thanksgiving dinner last year. The only thing that slows down what you can use it for is your imagination and if you forget to make more if you run out! ;)

To make Easy Chicken Stock you need:

1 slow cooker
2 onions, quartered
4-7 cloves of garlic
4 stalks of celery
1-2 chicken carcasses (from either roasted, boiled or rotisserie chicken)
1-2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
water to fill
parsley (can use fresh or dried)

Yield: Depends on the size of your slow cooker and which method below you choose to use. I can get several quarts with using the second method and my large slow cooker that you see in the pictures here.

Put chicken carcasses in the slow cooker and then add apple cider vinegar right onto the bones. (I use 1 Tablespoon per chicken carcass, so in the picture that follows, you’ll see there are two, which means I used 2 Tbsp for this one.) While that sets cut the celery down to fit into the crockpot easily and smash the garlic (you don’t need to peel of the skin for this, but I will smash it to get more of the garlicky goodness). Add the quartered onions, chopped celery, and smashed garlic to the slow cooker with the bones.

Easy Chicken Stock: Slow Cooker step 2

Now fill the crockpot with water, cover, and turn to low for 24-48 hours, adding more water as needed.

Easy Chicken Stock: Slow Cooker all together now

Now here’s where you can do things a couple of different ways. If I’m only cooking it for 24-48 hours, I will add the parsley in for about the last 6-12 hours (there’s no science to that really, it’s more just a matter of when I remember to put it in there). Then when it’s done, I will strain it all into a big pot through a strainer, let the fat congeal, and skim it off before I put it into jars to keep in the fridge or freezer (note: if freezing in jars I leave a good 1-2 inches at the top for expansion and less of a chance of a jar exploding on me).


You can strain the liquid from the crockpot through a small strainer directly into jars, add more water to the slow cooker, and continue making an ongoing stock. You can do this until you notice the bones are falling apart and it’s a great way to get a lot of stock done in one stretch without having to continually repeat the whole process.

I do both methods depending really on just how much room I can spare in the freezer at any given time. But for the ongoing stock, I do not add the parsley and will just add it later if called for in a recipe.

NOTE: I do not add salt or pepper any time I’m making this stock. I only add it later when I’m using it either as a side or in a recipe so that I can adjust my spices as needed. It’s my preferred way to cook overall.

Have you ever made your own chicken stock or do you plan to try this one? Come on over to our Facebook community and let me know! I truly LOVE this stuff so I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it!

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