Friday, January 30th, 2015

Transitions SUCK!


Okay, so I’ve pondered this post for over a week now, trying to come up with a better title (at least), and there’s just no two ways around it. For our kids on the autism spectrum, transitions suck, period.

Being the military family that we are, we’re about to go through the mother-of-all transitions yet again…. Moving! (Although, in all fairness to the military, for once, this move has nothing to do with them.) And I dreaded breaking it to the kids, especially because I knew how things were going to play out. In stages. Stages that start out ugly. See, it goes something like this in our house….

1. Our son is notified of the fact, yes fact, that we’re going to be moving. He fights it and cries and pitches all out fits at times because this is something he does NOT want to do. And anytime it gets mentioned after the initial notification, the whole scene ends up playing out over and over and OVER again.

2. Suddenly, out of nowhere, acceptance. It’s not a big fan fair, no big to-do about it. Just out of the blue one day, he accepts it as part of his reality and is okay with it.

3. The day comes when he’s ready to be there, NOW. Like yesterday even would be preferable. But of course, we’re not moving just yet, so now all of a sudden, no one is moving fast enough for his liking. Sometimes this stage gets ugly. Sometimes it doesn’t. It really is a crap shoot.

So, where are we now? Well, as of this past Saturday, we’re on #2, we haven’t quite reached #3 yet. And I for one, am VERY thankful for this small reprieve. ;)

So, what do transitions look like in YOUR house?


One Response to “Transitions SUCK!”
  1. Eva Rawposa says:

    Transitions are not too bad around here… 1/ We decide. 2/ We jump on it. 3/ It’s been a couple weeks (like now) and we scratch our heads, wondering if there ever was a transition.

    I think it’s because all my stuff is stored in Florida. And Carlos lives out of his suitcase no matter what!

    I dunno. At least you know what to expect!!


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